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General Rules of Online Blackjack

Modern blackjack is slightly different than old blackjack versions. This is because it is a strategy based games and players can actually minimize house edge to 0%. All you have to do is practice with determination and get exceptionally skilled at it.

Here are some modern blackjack rules, also applicable in online casinos;

1: You are now offered a 6 to 5 ratio in a natural hand of blackjack.

2: The dealer can now hit on a soft 17 as compared to old blackjack rules.

3: Single deck blackjack was easy enough for you in old times? Think again and compare all its rules to the modern single deck version. You would be amazed to see the difference.

4: Your cards are dealt to you with their faces down. Don't be greedy and break the rules. Land based casinos make sure that you get your share of social embarrassment. It is part of blackjack tradition to follow the blackjack etiquettes.