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The best online video poker games are largely dependent on the payouts that are available, but calculating actual online video poker payouts isn't always easy, play video poker at site. The information below will help you choose the video poker games that provide the best return.

Understanding Video Poker Return Rates

Every online casino game carries a house advantage. The player return rate is whatever is left from 100% after the casino edge is subtracted. Over the course of time, this is how much the player can expect to win while playing the game. Online video poker payouts should be very close to the return rate, but it's important to remember that this percentage is calculated over many rounds of play or other games like roulette online.

The Best Video Poker Payouts

Based on the return rates, the best payouts in online video poker are usually found with Jacks or Better or win the progressive jackpot slots. With a return rate of 99.5%, the chances of winning are very favorable. In a good session, a player can expect to win $99.50 for every $100 that they wager. Other popular variations, such as Tens or Better and Double Bonus poker, players can expect a long-term return of about 99.1%.

How to Get the Best Payouts

Obviously, getting the best online video poker payouts requires a good strategy and a general understanding of video poker rules. What people don't realize is that it usually takes several rounds to win the amount specified by the return rate. Realistically, it takes about $10,000 to ensure a return of at least $100 in winnings or the blackjack online. Of course, players win big with far less every day so gamble with the amount you can comfortably afford to lose.

The best online video poker payouts depend more on the player's strategy than the payout table or the stated return rate so take the time to practice and perfect your game to maximize your video poker payouts.

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