Using Blackjack Dealer Tells to Win More Hands

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In blackjack, the player is playing only against one other person: the dealer. The player wants to have a higher hand without going over 21, but the player doesn't always know what cards the dealer holds, gamble at site. One of the best ways to win the game, then, is to evaluate and use blackjack dealer tells to win more hands.

What a Tell Is

A term most commonly used in poker, a tell is something another player or a dealer does to give away what sort of hand they are currently holding with Sign Up Bonus. In poker a tell can be used to determine when another player is bluffing or when they have an incredibly high hand and are simply trying to build up the pot. Using blackjack dealer tells require a player to read facial expressions and body language to determine whether the dealer has a very strong hand or a very weak hand.

Using the Tell

There are a few ways players can evaluate blackjack dealer tells with balckjack online. One great tell is how long the dealer takes to look at the hole card to see what it is. Dealers usually take a second or two longer to evaluate certain stiff cards, as many of them can seem very similar. The numbers 2 and 5 can look similar in an instant, and dealers may need to lift more of the card to see what they are playing with. The same goes for 3s and 8 as well as Aces and 4s. If the dealer takes less than a glance, the hole card is probably a 10 or a face card.

By using blackjack dealer tells, players can determine whether they need to play more or less aggressively, and hit or stand as the case may be with good casino bonus.

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